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By Lorena M. Evangelista (Daughter)

He was born December 20, 1942. He died January 7, 2011. Sixty eight years of fruitful life. To me he is a good provider, a responsible father, an honest civil servant, a good friend, ninong and co employee...


                He was able to go to school by selling campupot and newspaper when he was young and even became a gasoline boy. Through hard work, he was able to finish a vocational course as electrician. Although he never went to college education he became an Electrical Engineer by practice. Proof, he passed the Board Exam for Electrical Engineers on February 17, 1997

thus became a registered licensed Electrical Engineer.

Responsible husband and father

                After 6 years of marriage, Tatay has already provided Nanay a house they can call their own. As a father he never missed important events in school, PTA meetings, (he was always elected president), Field Demonstration Day, Recognition Day and of course Graduation Day. I can still remember him asking his friend to convert his owner type jeep into a float just for me to join the motorcade as Princess of Sincerity during a popularity contest at school.

Unfortunately we had a flat tire so we did not finish the parade.


                Tatay never hit us to become good or straight. He always talked to us. Psychologize us. Well... there were three instances:  The first one was when my brother and I were about 6 and 8 years old. He was sleeping soundly when we pulled his chest hair. My brother ran as fast as he could. I was the one hit on the butt. The second one was when I started to have a boyfriend. He asked me if I do not love him anymore to which I reply my love for you is different from the love I have for him. And so we argued and I got slapped on the face. The third incident was when he was very ill and bedridden. He managed to slapped me on my behind when he got hurt as I pulled out his urine bag. It was a light slap but I felt some kind of happiness.

I am still my tatay’s girl.

Honest and Dedicated Civil Servant

                He was awarded Best Barangay Captain during his term as Kapitan del barrio, 1982-1988, an award for catching three armed burglars who robbed the house of a constituent. He received ten thousand pesos but instead of pocketing them all, he shared it with his Kagawad and Team Leaders.

Each received 500 pesos.

Model Employee

                He charged his client only authorized payment for an electrical inspection permit. That is why he was awarded Commendation for Exceptional Performance as Supervising Electrical Inspector of Caloocan Fire Station. In fact their station was given the Best Fire Station of the

Year award on March 1, 2004.

Our Father

                He was Ninong Pito to all his nephews and nieces. He was Tatay Pito to his grandchildren. He was Kapitan Pito to his constituents and friends and he was Engr. Joe to his co employees. But to us, his family, he is always our dearest loving responsible Tatay. You will always remain in our hearts.



Note: Ma. Lorena E. Santiago is a Math Teacher at Polo National High School. She wrote this article a few days before the death of his father while sitting by his bedside. He was diagnosed with Kidney Tumor.