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Los Angeles, California


November 24, 2011

Congratulation to President Vicky Galguierra and her staff for making VALENZUELA ASSOCIATION, USA reached up to the next level of success. Let us not forget those members and friends who unselfishly supported her. Good Job, Vicky!!!

Next year, we will celebrate the 20th year of existence and we are looking forward for a joyous and more meaningful celebration.

This year the association approved a TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS (2,000.00) allocation to Gen. T. de Leon Elementary Schoo, tentatively to donate electric fans and air conditioners for selective classrooms. Previously, we sponsored, "ALAY BIGAS PROJECT" in which hundreds of our kababaya from Barangays, Marulas, Dalandanan, Canumay, Coloong, and several sitio from Barangay Polo received four kilos of rice per household.

I am calling all members and friends to support the association to fullfill its commitement to help. Let us thank the GOOD LORD for all blessings we received to be shared to others.

Incoming president, 2012

Los Angeles, California


Happy holiday to all officers and supporters of Valenzuela Association, USA.

It is my distinct pleasure and privilege to serve as one of the officers of our association. I had been with this association for about 12 years and i can truly say that it is "home away from home". I have always enjoyed working with other officers to provide our fellow Valenzuelans a group not only for socialization purposes but also encourage everyone to have a generous spirit to help in projects that will benefit our local people.

Our success is a joint effort of every member. I want to thank everyone who in one way or another has contributed to make this much anticipated event.

I also thank our sponsors and advertisers for their generous inspite of the present economic crisis. Together, we can achieve more and be a blessings to each other.

may God continue to give us fresh ideas on how to nurture and sustain the goals that we have set ourselves to do.

marry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Out-going President

Office Of The Vice President

Malacanan Palace


10 December 2011

My warmest greetings to the Valenzuela Association, USA, as you hold your Annual Dinner Dance Ball and Induction of Officers, in celebration of your 19th Founding Anniversary.

It is admirable to know that, despite being away from our beloved country, you continue to seek ways to improve the quality of our citizenry's lives through varied endeavors. Truly, geographical distance cannot hinder us from upholding our social responsibility , as well as our distinct Filipino values of generousity and compassion. Thank you for standing as family to our countrymen in your adopted homeland. We bid you well in all your endeavors, and look forward to you bringing more pride to our nation.

As you embark on your individual journey to secure a brighter future for you and your loved ones, you also contribute greatly to the rebuilding and the revitalization of our nation. This path we have chosen may not be the easiest, but so long as we band together and remain steadfast to our principles, we can bring about the genuine, lasting change that we seek.

President Of The Philippines

Office Of The Vice President
Pasay City


Congratulations to the officers and members of the Valenzuela Association, USA on the holding of its 19th Founding Anniversary Dinner Dance Ball and Induction of Officers this year!

It always lleave me inspired to learn that wherever in the world they may be, Filipinos can be relied on to help each other out and provide support for their kababayans. I laud you all for keeping the spirity of unity alive and continuing to celebrate your identity as Valenzuelans.

The strenght of your existence for the past 19t years is telling of the kind of leadership that has led you this far, the commitment that you have in furthering your causes, and the hard work that you have put into them. I pray that you all be further blessed with success and prosperity.

Congratulations and happy 19th anniversary.

Mabuhay kayo!!!

Vice President Of The Philippines

City Of Valenzuela, Philippines

Malinta, Metro manila


I wish to extend my warmest regards to the Officers and Members of Valenzuela Association, USA on its 19th Anniversary and Christmas Party.

This event is a toast to your glorious years of commitment to common good and service to fellowmen.

Your undaunted efforts of forming a community of Valenzuelanos in the United States will not go unnoticed. By serving our global kababayans through fruitful fellowship and family gatherings you contribute to the solidarity of the Filipino people overseas.

Moving forward to a future of endless possibilities, I am glad that our global Valenzuelanos are one with in pursuing a goal of excellence in cultural and humanitarian effort. Your continous acts of selflessness remain to make a mark in your fellow kababayans here in Valenzuela City.

I salute your dynamic organization and I am sending the message of deepest gratitude from all Valenzuelanos who have and would continue to become beneficiaries of all your civic service endeavors.

Cheers for more fruitful years of partnership in service to our fellowmen.

Congratulations and Mabuhay!

City Mayor