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By Lorena M. Evangelista

In the course of my life, I remained simple.

Showered with wit and humor, blessed with talent and wisdom

I have remained simple.

Should I retroact and have a change of heart?


What life has the Lord planned for me?

That I do not know... That I want to see

Is this the kind of life I have to accept and endure?

Or is he just preparing me for something I wish, I long for?


Will my past affect the future?

Should I live with the present and continuously nurture?

The love I have for work starts to deteriorate

But the flame in my heart keeps on burning, giving me strength


Am I on the right path?

Is my present the result of my past?

Or is it the gateway to a future

The Lord has planned for me to survive?


Questions that haunt me, remain unanswered

Where will I get the answers? When will I be heard?

I will keep on knocking, I will keep on going

Someday I know, the haunting will soon end.

(Created as a reflection for 2013-2014 portfolio)