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In Remembrance And Celebration Of Emiliano Capiral Mendoza
July 22. 1925 - March 11, 2014


Emiliano Capiral Mendoza was born on July 22, 1925 in the Philippines. He was the eighth child of 13 children born to Telesfora and Casimiro Mendoza. Emiliano had several nicknames, such as Emilio, Milio, and Mel. He always had a cheerful disposition and was a gentleman through and through. He served in the U.S. Navy from 1946-1966.

Mel and Rose were childhood neighbors who fell in love. They were married on August 15th, 1957 and together for 56 years. They raised four daughters in Oxnard, San Pedro and Wilmington, California. He has 8 granddaughters, 7 grandsons and 1 great grandson. After serving in active duty for 20 years, he worked at the Naval Shipyard as a Warehouse Supervisor for another 20 years, and retired in 1987.

Mel's hobbies included gardening, watching western movies and sports, and keeping things organized. Because of his giving spirit he participated in many charitable organizations throughout his life. Mel was involved with the Knights of Columbus, Altar Server and the Legion of Mary at St. Peter and Paul Church in Wilmington, Altar Server and Eucharistic Minister here at Holy Family Parish, President of the Valenzuela Association, USA 2000-2002and member of the Phil Am Club.

Mel has always acknowledged God in his life. His life changing experience happened during WWII when he, his older and younger brother were captured by the enemy. On the way to the cemetery where they were to be killed, he shared how he recited several times his contrition to the Lord. His older brother was first to get a bayonet thrust through his chest, of which he pretended to be dead. His younger brother only 14 years old was not so fortunate. When it was Mel's turn to be killed, he asked God, "Can this be my time God, let me know?" He worked at the ropes binding his hands and got them loose. He began running in a zigzag fashion to avoid being struck by oncoming fire. Mel has always acknowledged God for his second opportunity at life. Likewise, his children and grandchildren recognize that they would not be here had it not been for God's grace.

Mel reassured his family a week before hid death that Jesus was his Savior. Even the day before his death as family held his hand he was asked, "Dad, squeeze my hand that you are trusting in Jesus?" To this he responded with a hard squeeze.

Rose and all of his children are so grateful to have had such a wonderful man in their lives. They thank you for coming to give your respects to Mel. As we acknowledge we are sinners and put our trust in the redeemer Jesus Christ, we can rest assured we will see Mel again! God Bless you All!